BVIpass is a subdivision of E-Global Pass an operational consortium that integrates decades of experience and leadership in each of the partner’s respective industries. BVIpass was designed and developed for the British Virgin Islands Port Authority as an integrated robust solution which is trend setting model is being followed by other countries in the region, during these pandemic times.

  • Digicel is an international mobile phone network company with over 33 markets across the Caribbean, Central America and Oceania regions. BVIpass is powered by the region’s leading mobile phone network company who is responsible for providing passengers the Continuous Contact Tracing Kits. Digicel is a synonym of telecommunications in the region.
  • Fennix Global is a company with 14 years of experience in the design, development, manufacturing and implementation of solutions for the control of persons deprived of liberty. The company’s worldwide experience is key for the engineering of a solution of continuous contact tracing which added passenger’s symptoms daily registrations and customer services tools. BVIpass continuous contact tracing is developed by the Fennix Global’s Pro Active Tracking (PAT) division.

BVIpass is a robust integrated solution for travelers visiting the British Virgin Islands which provides a transparent entry process with state-of-the-art continuous contact tracing while maintaining the highest biosafety and security standards in the industry. BVIpass strengthens the country slogan to its visitors BVI Love.